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Irvine, California


WELCOME to the game of lacrosse.  Become a part of the  growing number of athletes, that have discovered the game that existed before many others.






(tribes lacrosse)

is here to provide quality lessons, leagues, tournaments and camps to help promote community understanding of the captivating game of lacrosse. 

We are one, we are many.

Lacrosse has experienced a huge growth in the United States.  Schools and clubs are  are developing all over the country, becoming more competitive as each day passes.  It is just the beginning in some areas, but lacrosse, especially in California, is STRONG!


“The fastest growing sport in America.”

“The fastest sport on two feet.”


wants to THANK it’s members

and wish them a great season!

We have a lot of talent on our teams.  I’m excited to get to work and looking forward to a FUN season.